Professional Painting Tasks In The Commercial Space

If you want to paint your business, the professional can do a series of tasks, in addition to painting with the paint you have chosen, which will give a new and cleaner air to the premises.

Wallpaper:  Depending on the type of business we may have to put some wall with wallpaper. There are different ways, and the professional you hire can place it in the best way.

Plaster: If the walls are damaged, you can apply the stucco so that both the walls and the ceilings if you won’t look again. It is a simple task that the painter will perform in a short time.

Put and remove gotelé: The gotelé is a technique that is out of fashion, but it was a long time ago. Although there are not many demands to put in a gotelé today, yes to remove it, work that the professional you hire will do it without problems. This work of removing gotelé can go up a lot of prices.

Painting furniture:  You might want to paint some furniture like a counter or a shelf. The painter you hire can also perform these tasks.

How to choose the color to paint my shop?

Whether it’s an office, an industrial warehouse or a retail store, to choose the color you’re going to paint your business from, you can not just base your personal preferences.

When  choosing the color  of which you are going to paint your store you should mind some factors such as:

Color suitable for your product.  For this, you will have to also look at the primary age of the audience to which the product you are selling is destined.

Distribution of the premises.  If you want your place to look bigger or smaller, you should avoid or bet on certain colors.

Sensations  The feeling you want to convey will be supported by the color more than you think. A competent professional will help you choose the color so that your place transmits what you want. The colors influence the mood and can be an essential point for the success or failure of your premises.

What Should I Include In My Quote Request To Paint My Store?

If you are determined to hire a professional the first step you have to take is to ask for quotes online. From Our website you can receive up to four quotes online without commitment, to decide which one you prefer for your work. We recommend that you include a series of data in the budget request so that the professional can make a budget more adjusted to reality. These steps are:

Indicate the  dimensions  of the premises and the distribution thereof

It details if it is necessary to paint ceilings and floor and the respective measures.

Inform the professional if the place is full or empty of furniture.

Remember to inform if there is a  piece of furniture to be painted.

Do not forget the doors and windows, if you have to paint them you must also indicate it, and if you also inform them of the dimensions better.

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