What Are The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Painting Commercial Premises To Professionals?

How to paint commercial premises to sell more?

In principle all those colors that are consistent with what is going to sell or the services that are offered, although the bright, bright and warm tones are those that convey more sense of closeness. Blues and greens are also colors that generate tranquility and harmony.

Which colors are the most advisable for small commercial premises?

Those that contribute to generating a greater sense of space. The light tones, the optical effects that provide depth and the use of mirrors will help to give light and create a feeling of spaciousness. A place that feels small or narrow or a dark place will make the client does not want to stay for a long time inside it.

Can You Paint On The Facade Of A Shop?

You should check with the community of owners of the buildings in which the commercial premises are located and consult with the neighbors if they agree. In principle, it would be necessary to make a responsible declaration of works and to ask if the painting project that is going to be carried out does not breach the law of historical heritage and has continuity and is harmonious with the rest of the building.

In That Case, What Is The Most Recommended Color For The Exterior Of A Room?

In principle that color that does not clash with the rest of the building. It is essential that the place is naturally integrated into the urban landscape, following the same patterns of color and style of the facade of the building in which it is embedded. If you can put posters, lighted signs, be able to make murals on the outside walls or place planters, carpets or figures, it must always be done in a way that does not bother the pedestrians or neighbors, still trying to enter into the legality and regulated by municipal regulations.

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