Tips for Painting a Mural

While a professional mural requires an experienced artist, painting one for your home’s walls can get done by virtually anyone. Even if you don’t have the best artistic abilities, even simple creations can add lasting value.

Begin with the Background

Unlike other styles of painting, you want to begin with the objects at the furthest point back first. What that will do is help you to build the setting, as well as prevent overcrowding.

Another reason to begin with the background is you’re covering more of your larger spaces first. Once you’ve completed them, you can focus on the tinier details up front.

Plan Your Painting

Some homeowners think that they can “wing it” when it comes to their murals. However, they will likely wind up starting several new ideas that eventually come crashing together.

Chart out your designs before putting paint to surfaces, and make sure you have it lightly stenciled before coloring. You’ll also want to ensure that the scaling is even before it looks like a funhouse mirror.

Start Simple

You may have some fantastic ideas in mind, but the simpler the design, the easier it is to accomplish. Even if you consider yourself an artist, working on an entire wall is different from an easel.

Keep in mind that murals remain physically demanding. If you typically don’t spend hours on your feet working with larger brushes and tools, you will likely tire sooner than anticipated.

Consider Light Exposure

Painting outdoor murals will require touchups every few years. While it may look lovely, it can get expensive to maintain.

Paint with UV protection is ideal, but it can also get expensive. You may want to paint walls that receive the least amount of sun, even if it doesn’t have the best view.

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