DIY vs. Professional Painting Company

Whether you are a residential homeowner or a private commercial business, the question sometimes arises as to whether to tackle a painting, or any improvement project yourself, or find a qualified professional to hire.

I can personally remember having to make this decision with a condominium project I was contemplating. I finally decided to do it myself (with the help of a friend) and I can honestly tell you that after about 5 minutes of painting, I regretted the decision.

DIY projects should be relegated to simple, less stressful and time consuming projects such as repairing basic fixtures and home improvement projects that take little time and can be completed with the help of a handy YouTube video.

Extensive, messy, time consuming projects like painting, especially on the commercial level, are not for the faint of heart and certainly not for the individual who lacks the help, expertise or equipment to handle such a complex undertaking. We recommend basic home painting be limited to touch ups in the home, but more difficult jobs like outdoor walls and fixtures are handed over to a competent professional painting company. If you’re looking to do some research, talk to professionals like commercial painter Fort Lauderdale .

Commercial painting companies are plentiful in every American city and finding one can allow you to concentrate on more important issues in your business. You can also visit their listing in Google Maps by going here. As a homeowner, sometimes we feel that no one can do the work as well as we can and no one will take as much pride in their work as us, but there are numerous commercial and residential painting companies that are extremely qualified, have great reviews and do great work. The benefit of this is having someone whose experienced, licensed and insured and will come in and do the work without a mess (hopefully) and most importantly, do it in a timely manner that allows you and your business to continue on with little to no interruption to your daily routine.

So our advice is that when in doubt, hire a professional painting service that you’ve vetted and researched and use your time on your business and family.

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